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Ice Sculpture Slimming machine Cryo Weight Loss Fat Freezing Machine Fat Reduction Cryotherapy Cellulite Remove Body Sculpting

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  • Description

    Cryolipolysis Fat Freeze Body Slimming Machine EMS Ice Plate 8 Paddle for Cold Weightloss Cellulite Removal Device

    Lipo Laser Cryolipolysis Fat Freeze Body Shap Slimming Machine EMS Ice Plate 8 Paddle for Weight Lose Anti Cellulite Cryo Device

    Working Principle

    1.Heating: Three-minute 37℃-45℃ heating for promoting local blood circulation before treatment.

    2.Cryo fat freezing: At temperature of -5℃ to -11℃, fat cells will be accurately targeted, converted into solid, eliminated through metabolism without harming surrounding tissues, so as to effectively reduce unwanted fat in specific areas of body.

    This cryo pads cryolipolysis slimming instrument has 8 pieces cryo pads. It can improve the problem of obesity in the body. The internal triglycerides will be converted into solids below 5 degrees Celsius. The cryolipolysis wave is transmitted to the operation site through Cryo pads, and then the solid triglycerides will be prematurely aged and then pass through the normal body metabolic process , Gently eliminated and eliminated from the body, thereby gradually reducing the fat layer, to achieve the purpose of local slimming.

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