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Just 5 Minutes Fat Burner Abdominal Breathing Trainer Slimming Body Waist Increase Lung Capacity Face Lift Tools for Weight Loss

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     Just 5 Minutes Abdominal Breathing Exerciser Trainer Slim Slimming Waist & Face Loss Weight Increase Lung Capacity 
    Question:What is Breathing Weight Loss?
    Answer:Abdominal breathing moves the diaphragm up and down, and as you breathe, the belly swells and contracts. On the one hand, it helps to stimulate gastrointestinal peristalsis and promote the discharge of waste from the body, on the other hand, it can also smooth the airflow, increase lung capacity, and make it easier to burn body fat. Using this product will promote weight loss more effectively than ordinary abdominal breathing.


    Reduce breathlessness and increase lung capacity by strength-training your respiratory muscles

    Power up your lungs with a daily workout from the comfort of your armchair

    Simply use it for about five minutes a day(equal to 30 times’ breathing)

    Small and compact, you can take it anywhere

    It can be used by almost anyone with no side effects

    Due to health and safety concerns, this item is non-returnable

    Three adjustable step for your choice: weak, medium and strong

    How to use:
    ◎ Hold the props in your mouth, and make the abdomen bulge and concave when inhaling and exhaling. Use 30 times (about 5 minutes) each time.
    ◎ The front end of the props can adjust the amount of air coming in according to its own state.
    ◎ Please rinse with clean water after use.


    Package include:

    1 x  abdominal breathing trainer 






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