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EEK-Brand Ketone Breath Analyzer Professional Grade Ketogenic Diet Tracing Ketosis Status with 10 Mouthpieces(Black)

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  • Description

    1. Ketone Breath Testing is a far more accurate method than urine strips testing, also more convenient for testing,
    you only need to breathe with the digital ketone breathalyzer
    2. Breath Ketone Meter save you from finger pricks, and the device can be used several thousands times repeatedly,
    comparatively speaking, you can save much than testing strips 
    3. Portable Ketone breath tester designed to carry around anywhere in your pocket, and make sure you are in ketosis all the time;
    4. The ketone breath monitor is easy to use, 1-button operation to get the ketone readings:
    Reading of 0.0 signify you are still not in ketosis state,
    while the readings between 0.5 and 3.0, signify you are in full state of ketosis,
    which is the optimal ketone zone; more reading details can be checked in the detailed description page;
    How Long Does It Take to Get Into Ketosis?
    You cannot simply jump into ketosis in a 24-hour timespan. Your body has been burning sugar for fuel your entire life. 
    It will need time to adapt to burning ketones for fuel.
    This transition could take anywhere from 48 hours to one week. The length in time will vary depending upon your activity level, lifestyle, body type and carbohydrate intake.
    There are several ways you can speed up this process, like intermittent fasting, drastically decreasing your carb intake and supplementation.
    Remember: Once you get into ketosis, there is no guarantee you will remain in ketosis. If you eat a carb-laden meal, practice carb cycling,
    or increase your carb intake for athletic performance, your body may start burning glucose.
    To get back into a fat-burning state, follow the same methods you did to get into ketosis initially. 
    What are the benefits of a Ketogenic Diet?
    The benefits of following a ketogenic diet may include weight loss, an increase in cognitive performance, balanced blood sugar, and improved cardiovascular health.
    Mental Focus-With a ketogenic diet, the brain utilizes ketone bodies instead of glucose as its primary fuel source. This switch can encourage more nerve growth factors and synaptic connections between brain cells 3 and result in increased mental alertness, sharper focus, and improved cognitive capabilities. 
    Blood Sugar Management-Studies have shown that low-carbohydrate diets help support insulin metabolism in the body. This is because the absence of carbohydrates from the diet helps your body maintain blood glucose levels by breaking down fats and proteins. 
    Weight Loss-A reduced calorie ketogenic diet encourages the utilization of body fat as fuel,and clinical studies support its use for weight management. Additionally, a ketogenic diet may help to suppress appetite and reduce cravings.
    Increased Energy-Carbohydrates only go so far to sustain energy throughout the day,and especially during a workout. In ketosis, your body uses fat as fuel instead of glucose, to provide the brain with a consistent supply of the ketone bodies necessary to sustain physical performance.
    Cardiovascular and Metabolic Health-A ketogenic diet has been shown to help support blood lipid and fatty acid metabolism.
    Package Contains:
    1x portable ketone meter
    10x replaceable mouthpieces
    1x carrying string
    1x user manual
    2*AAA Batteries are not included
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