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Konsung SmileCare Blood Pressure Monitor Digital Sphygmomanometer BP Heart Rate Measurement Pulse Arm Tonometer Home U80EH

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  • Description

    Key Features

    1. Fully automatic measuring
    —This upper arm blood pressure monitor’s cuff inflates and deflates automatically to make sure you get more accurate measurements, avoid inconvenience by incorrect inflation, and cut down the measurement time.

    2. One-button activation
    —No complex technical instructions are required you can use this monitor effectively, and also it is suitable and simple for the old to use who are not sensitive to the digital BP tonometer.

    3. Large LCD screen display
    —The device clearly displays your measurement data so it is easy and fast to get your health condition.

    4. Dual data storage
    —The large memory can store two people’s data for convenience and long-term health tracking automatically.

    5. 3-color display
    —The traffic light system shows your blood pressure level at a glance.

    6. Small size no space occpying
    —You can monitor blood pressure or pulse anywhere with small size sphgmomanometer


    1. Product Size: 130×100×47MM
    2. LCD Size: 76×60MM
    3. Weight Blood Pressure: 218g, CUFF:120g bare metal
    4. Measurement Range: 0 ~ 299mmHg
    5. Memory Storage: double users 90 sets memory
    6. Battery: 4 section 5 dry batteries / DC6V + 10% external power supply
    7. Automatic Power-off: in 3 minutes
    8.Main Unit Lifetime: 10,000times under normal use
    9. Low voltage display: Yes
    10. Time & Date display: Yes
    11. Irregular Heartbeat Detection: Yes

    Package Contents

    ● 1*Outer box
    ● 1* Monitor
    ● 1*Armband for upper arm
    ● 1* Instruction manual
    ● 1*USB Line(free gift)

    Operation Steps

    1. Attach the armband onto your arm (the tightness should allow a finger to also fit in the band).
    2. About 2-3 cm (about a finger width) should fit alongside the arm circumference of 22-42 cm.
    3. Ensure that the bottom edge of the armband is at least 2–3 cm away from the elbow joint, and make sure the air tap is on the inside of the arm.
    3. Please sit and relax without talking for 5 minutes before measuring.
    4. Put your arm flat on a table or desk with your palm facing upwards.
    5. The center of the armband should be roughly at the same level as your heart.
    6. Please ensure that the air tube is not twisted or bent.
    7. Press the [ON] button to begin measuring.
    8. The digital screen will immediately show the blood pressure, heart rate and pulse automatically after pressing the “ON” button.


    1. The accessories cuff is L size, for upper-arm circumference 22-42cm. The cuff is treated as the applied part. Arm circumference should be measured with a measuring tape in the middle of the relaxed upper arm.

    2. We provide you a usb line as free gift in each package. Battery is not included in the package.

    3. This Sphygmomanometer product can’t be used in patients who is with severe heart insufficiency to avoid suffocation and death. This blood pressure monitor is not suitable for infants and children.

    Konsung has been focusing on home healthcare, primary care and large health ecosystem since 2005 with an integration of R&D, manufacturing, sales and services. Products cover range of home care series, mobile medical series,IVD series and e-Health series, sold in more than 80 countries in the world.

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