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EEK-Brand Analyzer Professional Grade Accuracy Digital Ketone Breath Meter Tracing Ketosis Status with 10 Mouthpieces(White)

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    • GREATER COMFORT & SPEED – Only requires a 5 Second of breath and yields results.Save you from finger pricks, and the device can be used several thousands times repeatedly, comparatively speaking, you can save much than testing strips The leading competitor requires twice the droplet size and takes 70% longer to provide a test result.
    • ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY – The ketone meter features a 1.5 inch display, so it’s easy to read the ketone data from the meter. Unlike some competitive products that find their way into the US market, this specific meter was approved by the FDA after an extensive data review process, so you can be comfortable with its accuracy
    • IDEAL FOR KETO DIET – The Ketone Breath Meter is perfect for those on the Keto diet who want to quickly, easily and accurately track their blood ketone levels. It will help you plan your nutrition and fitness regime.
    • 4 LCD DISPLAY COLO: 0 reading with WHITE background, 0.1-2.9 readings with GREEN background, 3.0-4.9 readings with YELLOW background and over 5.0 readings with RED background; powered by 2*AAA batteries (not included)
    • 180 DAY MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: We are stand by all our products, but if you are unhappy with your ketone breath meter, you may return it any time during the first 180 days



    Product description

    – Take measurements first think in the morning

    – Alcohol, cigarettes, and coffee can alter readings

    – Breathe out slowly for 3 seconds during breathalyzer countdown to clear throat. This help to ensure that only air from your lungs is going into the Ketone.

    What is the Ketone Breath Meter?

    Ketone Breath Meter is a breath acetone (a type of alcohol) meter specifically calibrated for measuring the level of ketosis for those on a ketogenic diet. Acetone is a by product to being in ketosis and always present in a ketogenic state.

    Measuring Ketosis with a Breath Meter.

    The benefit to testing the breath vs testing urine or blood is that acetone is always present when in ketosis and it is very easy to do. Breath testing is a non-invasive, reliable, and inexpensive way to test you level of ketosis on a regular basis.

    Package Contains:

    1x portable ketone meter

    10x replaceable mouthpieces

    1x carrying string

    1x user manual

    2*AAA Batteries are not included

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