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10Pcs Slim Patch Slimming Navel Sticker Weight Lose Product Slime Patch Burning Fat Patche Hot Body Shaping Fast Slim Men Women

R186.11 R218.99

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  • Description

    1.This slim patch is 100% natural and safe herbal patch, helpping your body shed fat safely and quickly.

    2.It’s easy to use, easy to wear, safe, and efficient in removing excess fats in your body.

    3.The Slim Patch boosts your metabolism, suppresses the appetite, stimulates weight loss,regulates your body’s blood sugar levels and prevents the body from absorbing fat.

    Benefits Of the Slim Patches:

    You can put it on your stomach before going to bed.

    Substantial weight loss occurs more quickly.

    Suitable for sensitive skin; non-irritating

    It has solid organic ingredients

    Simple at-home weight loss method

    Put it on your stomach before going to bed.

    Weight loss that is noticeable in less than 30 days

    Safe, reliable, and all-natural

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