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Hot slimming massage belt heat electric pulses tone abdominal muscle stimulator EMS acupuncture tens physiotherapy myostimulator

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    slimming massage belt electric pulses muscle stimulator  acupuncture tens machine physiotherapy EMS heating belt with magnet & heating function 

    Notice: 1.The manual is in English,if you want the manual in Russia we can send you the manual in                      electric file so you translate in google

                 2.The 2pcs AAA battery for remote controller is not included for shipping reasons

                 ​3.  when you want to use the heating function of the belt you need to connect adaptor with AC,then you can adjust the temperature on the controller. You can also use without the adaptor then you can not use heating function also the temp on the controller is not adjustable during this situation


    What is EMS ?

    Electrical muscle stimulation(EMS) is a widely used and clinically proven technology for toning and stengthening muscles. EMS technology is used by our product for toning,firming and strengthening muscles to improve body shap ,helpingpeopleto look and feel good. EMS technology is also used by our products as part of pre and post-treatment following surgical knee lumbar spine physiotherapy and hip interventions related to osteoarthritis or sports injuries. Other applications incude treatment of post-operative edema as well as improving local blood circulation to the muscle. EMS is a gentle therapy for home use


    How it works? 

    Electrodes placed on the skin pass a gentle electrical current through its surface which activate nerves which in turn produce a contraction of the targeted muscle group.


    What is TENS?

    Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation(TENS) therapy is a clinically proven,easy to use,safe alternative to pain killing drugs and is widely prescribed by physicians around the world. TENS can be applied to relieve both acute and chronic pain and its is in the treatment of the latter(particularly chronic back pain) where it has won most acceptance in recent years. As a therapy form,it is suitable for most patients and particularly useful in situations where sensitivity to analgesics exists.  Our product also use the theory of TENS.


    How it works? 

    TENS works by sending firm ,comfortable electrical pulses  which are delivered to the skin via adhesive pads



    What is Pain Gate Control?

    TENS gently stimulates yours sensory nerves to suppress the pain signal to the brain by providing a comfortable “tingling” sensation. This sensation masks the pain,offering immediate pain relief. The pain relief usually lasts for as long as the stimulation continues to be delivered with a small carry over effect. This bype of pain relief is most appropriate for sharp ,severe acute pain. Pur abdominial toning products work by targting not just the muscles you can see but also the muscles that are more difficult to reach with conventional exercise.The rectus abdominis(abs) ,obliques (which shape the waist ) and the transversus abdominis are all activated. This last muscle is the deepest of the abdominial muscles and wrap around the abdomen like a corset. It is essential for stability in the lower back region and is very difficult to reach with conventional exercise. 


    EMS heating belt Specifications:

    A. 1-6 electromagnetic wave therapy modes.                                         

    B. 1-32 levels instensity.                 

    C. Body slimming and healthcare.                                 

    D. Relieve spine and Psoas fatigue.                                         

    E. Wireless remote controller functions,more easily operate.   

    F. Sustained Heating function ,the TEMP 35-45℃ 

    G.Magnet therapy.    


    Features of myostimulator:

    1. Low-frequency pulse therapy suit for your  waist and abdomen.

    2.It combines acupuncture point theory of Chinese medicine and Western biologic electromagnetic wave physiotherapy effectively

    3.It focus on physical therapy, magnetic therapy, massage, body slimming and health protection. 

    4. LCD showing, remote controller operation and Lithium rechargeable battery.



    Usages of physiotherapy waist belt :

    1.It’s suitable for waist and low-back healthcare.
    2.Burning fat and hence blood circulation
    3.Relieve spine and Psoas fatigue
    4.Improving the blood circulation.
    5.Boost immunity of body. 
    Feedback from customer
    Tips: Please smear body lotion around your waist before using the belt to get the best effect.







    E.M.S heating belt features



    E.M.S low-frequency pulse stimulation and far infrared heating can reach our lumbar deeply to solve all kinds of problems


     6 kinds of pulse frequence imitate human massage massage muscle tissue deeply, release adhesion 







    Large bulge electrodes can massage accupuncture acupoint and meridian well 


    32 level of strength adjustable


    12pcs of magnetic stone become a surrounding magnetic field to stimulate meridian




    Far infrared heating function usage comparison 


    Large li-ion battery charge 2 hrs use for 15 days 


    Wireless you can use it anytime anywhere




    More detail pictures for EMS heating beltQQ20171031152355QQ20171103141737QQ20171103141850IMG_20171116_113024_IMG_20171116_113051_IMG_20171116_113502_QQ20171031152003QQ20171103141808QQ20171031152327QQ20171103141703

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