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GREENWON HUALIXIN ketone tester ketyo monitor ketosis Fat burning Workout

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    Tips:   Keto Monitor,  which is highly developed to analyze acetone on your breath that your body produces when you’re in a state of ketosis.  

    Product Features :

    1.Digital breath ketosis monitor with audible alert 
    2.0.00-person is not in a state of ketosis, LCD display shows green;
      0.01- indicates light state of ketosis, LCD display shows orange;
      ≥0.02- indicates medium or higher state of ketosis, LCD display shows red

    3.Quick response and resume time.
    4. Auto power off for save the battery energy
    5. Blinking letter Y= Yes tested person is in a state of ketosis
    6. Blinking letter N=No tested person is not in a state of ketosis
    7.Easy-carrying with key-chain.
    8. Quick response and resume 
    9. Auto power-off 
    10. Three-color back light 
    11. Power input: Use 2x AAA 1.5 v alkaline batteries (not included)
    12.  Digital display results


    Product technical:

    Model KT-68AS
    Sensor semiconductor sensor
    Ambient conditions Operation:5°C to 40°C
    Storage:-10 to 50°C
    Test range 0.00 to 0.06
    Accuracy  ±0.01
    Alarm point 0.05
    Power input 2 x 1.5 v “AAA” alkaline batteries 
    Weights 36g(excluding batteries)
    Backlight Three-colour
    Dimension 111(L)×68(W)×22(H)mm
    Response time <5s
    Warm-up time <10s
    Operating current ≤120MA
    Mouthpiece  Use
    Certficate CE & ROHS


    Packaging & Delivery

    Unit N.W/Size: 36g/112×68×22mm
    Inner Pakcing: color box
    Qty per Carton:  100pcs
    Carton Meas:  43×31×30cm
    G./N.W: 6.5/5.9kgs
    Main Benefits:

    – ease of use, just one breath in and you got results

    – convenience, no need for annoying blood an urine tests

    – speed, takes 10 seconds to get results

    – portability, small portable device

    – price, cheapest way to measure ketones on the market


    How does Keto monitor work?

    Keto Monitor utilizes technology to measure ketones via breath analysis of acetones

    1. Press the power button to open the device.

    2.  The device will warm up and start counting down 10 seconds.

    3. During blow countdown, 10-0 seconds, blow normally into the device.


      •Take in a moderately deep breath and hold it for 5-10 seconds (blowing directly into the device reduces the concentration of ketones).

      •Breath out slowly and then start blowing on the device when it says blow until the countdown reaches 0.

      This is to ensure that the air is from your lungs and not just

      from the trachea which may represent fresh air or room air.

    4. Read the results on the LCD display. If you’re in Ketosis state, you should be getting 0.2-0.6 g/l readings. Replicate the test every morning in a fasted state for best accuracy. 

    Here is some more instruction on how to use it correctly:

    – for most accurate results take a measurement at fasted state in the morning.

    – do not consume alcohol for at least 10 hours before taking measurements.

    – don’t be dehydrated.

    – measure the last few seconds of your exhaled breath, the first few seconds are mostly room air.





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