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Fashion AB Gymnic Body Muscle Waist Abdominal Massage Toning Exercise Belt Dropshipping

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    Fashion AB Gymnic Body Muscle Waist Abdominal Massage Toning Exercise Belt Dropshipping


    Brand new abgymnic muscle band!

    Microcomputer control of pulse current

    6 pre programmed routines for a complete and personalized exercise

    No electricity, wear, and exercise at any time, anywhere

    Tone and enterprise’s abdomen, thigh, arm muscles, etc..

    Adjustable long-term and short-term conditioning of the body’s different parts of the body


    This product does not apply to patients with heart disease and cancer patients.

    Please do not use this product during pregnancy.

    Don’t put on the head.

    There are no use in the following circumstances: bleeding (acute); do not use after surgery, because the muscle contraction may affect wound healing

    Performance description: massage, relieve fatigue, reduce muscle ache, and have a certain weight loss.

    For the crowd: middle and old people, physical weakness, long-term lack of exercise, physical work load, muscle pain and fatigue, etc..

    Use a button battery, a grain of two or three months with no problem, pay attention to the use of the skin must be attached to the use of the use of a mild electric shock, is a normal phenomenon.

    This belt is very easy to use. It has three control buttons and one with more than ten minutes will automatically shut down the security timer.

    Reduce the abdomen, waist, hips, legs, excess meat.

    Reduce women’s stretch marks, patterns, restore the original formation of the skin.

    The skin to reduce cellulite phenomenon.

    Work can eliminate fatigue, restore physical.

    Through the high frequency circulation vibration, can increase the cell vitality, improve microcirculation, so that the skin after weight loss more luster beautiful

    Battery use method:

    Take a battery pack (+ pole up).

    Connect a good massage belt, and then tie the belt to the desired position.

    Press ON/HI at this time the light is on, and then press the MODE button to select the desired operating mode. Adjust the intensity of ON/HI (please note: each press a button to increase the intensity, the intensity of the need to slowly increase, otherwise uncomfortable). Press OFF/DEC button when you need to close or weaken.

    Using a part of every day about 10 minutes is appropriate, this machine with automatic stop function, so do not worry about the machine for a long time of work.

    Please remove the battery when you do not use.

    MEIZU MX and other MHL-Enabled device.

    Package Includes:
    1 x muscle bands

    2 x band

    2 x battery

    1 x English user manual

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