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220V Powerful Beauty Salon Spa Tool Full Body Slimming Therapy Massage Roller 3 Vibrating Cell Massage Heads Loss Weight


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    220V Powerful Beauty Spa Tool Full Body Therapy Massager

    with 3 Vibrating Cell Massage Heads






    The new generation of body conditioning magic angel massage instrument is based on the original focus on weight loss plastic body, according to the user feedback, developed a vibration frequency and intensity more suitable for ovarian maintenance, high-elastic silica gel in the contact parts of the machine and the human body Its unique three-mode head shape is more convenient to use. The design reflects the people-oriented concept, and the user feels more comfortable.


    Massager effect:
    1. Vibrating push grease:
    Through high-speed movement to produce cell-level molecular contraction and expansion, exercise human cells, increase the body’s cellular metabolic rate of 80-200%, reduce fat cell synthesis. Enhance
    Gastrointestinal motility, strengthen the perception and motor function of intestinal smooth muscle, improve the digestive system, sub-health state, shape the beautiful curve, eliminate toxins.
    2. Soften the fat:
    High-speed exercise produces heat, accelerates the conversion of fat into energy, and accelerates the subcutaneous tissue by 2-5 ° C, accelerates fat burning, and decomposes triglycerides. With the use of cellulite cream, the product can penetrate rapidly and accelerate the energy conversion of fat.
    3. Remove edema
    The cells in the body are fully angularly symmetrical and vibrating under operation. The blood, lymph and group fluids of the circulatory system are active, the blood circulation is accelerated, the oxygen supply is strengthened, and the blood vessels are fully expanded.
    Zhang, lymphatic system metabolism, material exchange speed up, discharge a lot of toxins and waste generated by cell metabolism.
    4. Improve scars:
    Under the continuous and even strong effect, the body’s neurotransmitter through the subcutaneous enriched nerve plexus is positively and negatively separated from conduction, which enhances the nutrition of the skin and promotes the subcutaneous group.
    The synthesis and distribution of collagen, repair and replace defective cells, improve muscle tensile and restoring force, and make the soft and sagging tissue firm.
    5. Physical therapy:
    A. Adjust the endocrine and central autonomic nervous system, smooth out the frequency of the human body clock, balance the energy metabolism of the body imbalance, improve sleep, relieve stress, eliminate headache, dizziness, cold back, upset and upset.
    B. Guide and agitate the arteries and veins, promote lymphatic drainage, dredge microcirculation, accelerate the exchange and utilization of blood nutrients and cellular tissues, and discharge waste and toxins from metabolism in the body.
    6. Quickly shake fat to lose weight:
          With the topical diet ointment and phlegm, it takes 30 minutes (one part) for 14 days every day for the local (abdomen, thigh, calf, back, arm) weight loss effect, long-term adherence to use, effectively prevent rebound.
    7. Lymphatic detoxification:
          By tapping and infiltrating the machine, it effectively eliminates toxins in the human body and accelerates new metabolism.
    8. Through the circulation of blood, relax muscles:
          Before and after the beauty salon (family) treatment, the machine is used for about 10 minutes of targeted osmotic massage, dredging and activating blood circulation, and it has the effect of doing care for the care.
    9. Regulate endocrine and enhance sexual function:
          By massaging the lower abdomen and the pubic symphysis, the abdominal cavity and pelvic cavity are strongly contracted to promote the secretion of ovarian sex hormones. Various symptoms caused by insufficient estrogen secretion in women: (spots, pigmentation, wrinkles, oily skin, acne, aging,
    Emotional fluctuations, insomnia, upset, irregular menstruation, amenorrhea, and decreased sexual function can effectively prevent and improve.
    10. Ovarian maintenance:
           Use this instrument, with essential oils, infiltrate women’s small abdominal pelvic cavity and perineal points and other parts, so that blood circulation is accelerated, uterine contraction is accelerated, symptoms such as palace cold are improved, female physiology is restored, and ovarian maintenance is achieved.
    11. Eliminate fatigue and relieve nerves:
           Massage can eliminate fatigue, completely relax muscles, relieve muscle pain, relax nerves, reduce stress and improve sleep quality.
    electric cell massage instrument use precautions:
      1. When the customer is not ready, do not start the machine, otherwise it will increase the wear rate on the massage head.
      2. Clean the outside of the machine with a neutral detergent solution and lukewarm water. Do not use corrosive chemical solvents to clean the instrument. The accessories are also cleaned in this way.
      3. Avoid use in areas and during periods of excessive acute inflammation, bleeding, skin damage, or malignant damage.
      4. Thrombotic venous and lymphatic diseases cannot be used.
      5. Excessive lung hypoxia, pulmonary diseases such as tuberculosis cannot be used.
      6. Children, pregnant women and women are banned during menstruation.
      7. Do not bend the power cord at the time of use to avoid damage to the power cord. If the power cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer or its service department or a similarly qualified person to avoid danger.
      8. The instrument is driven by a motor. The motor carbon brush will wear out due to long-time high-speed operation. Excessive wear of the carbon brush will burn the motor. 

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